The 3 P’s of Italian Culture

With month-end pressure at work, and the fact that we’re leaving for a one-week mini holiday tomorrow, I decided to just post one of Sir’s demented mails to prevent my blog from getting cobwebs…..

First, Sir received an email from ‘The Canadian’ about an article written on the hysterical 2012 boycott against Woolworths for their alleged racist employment policies:

Guess you guys living there are aware of the intensity of this boycott … are you all complying to it and not going to Woolies for your chicken or your cappucino fix?  Sitting on the other end of the world, I’m not sure what is really happening – but it does sound like a good ‘fight’ to fight from here … but what are your views?

Let me know … and say Hi while you’re at it!  Would be interesting to hear from you all …


To which Sir responded with his usual diplomatic flair:
Who has cappuccino at Woolworths, I ask with tears I my Navy Blue eyes? Shit my eyes are not really blue, so I will rephrase that. …with tears in my daughter’s navy blue eyes…..NO fuck why should she shed any tears at all because of Woolworths.

Fuck delete the first line altogether! I mean I could delete it myself, but I just don’t see the point, besides it’s my funny way of protesting. So there Mr Woolies take that…

I have two views on this all, and I would like to tell you that Woolies was selling Pasta at R16.00 a packet, so fuck the Capuccino and fuck the chicken – at that price I am in no way taking a stand against the hand the feeds me, so to speak.

Pasta, Parmesan, Parma Ham, never ever fuck with those three things. Also, don’t fuck with the wife of very big dudes, it can be sore. Unless of course you can distract the bastard with a morsel of any of the Divine “P,s”…I strongly suggest a couple of slivers of Parmesan in a pocket can be a life saver. The Pasta (Spaghetti) can be a cool weapon, Rigatoni, not so much, unless you are fast and clever and can make a whistling sound with them (like blowing into a bottle), so it acts like a Police Whistle. It is obvious this should be a raw Rigatoni as a cooked one flops around a little like a spent penis…..and is hellish hard to blow into……(also like a spent penis).

Parma Ham is probably the kakkest weapon of the three but has other endearing qualities. Have you ever been at a Cocktail Party, a little drunk and slipped on a piece of Parma Ham the fell to the floor? I do not know why cartoonists use the old cliché “Man Slipped on a Banana Peel” thing, when Parma Ham is the obvious choice??

Also, reading the article below I do not know what this fuckwit means by saying “We are going to eat you for Breakfast??  I mean dude are you boycotting them or are you still going there to get those lekker free Range Eggs, that neither Pick and Pay nor Checkers seem to have?

Know what I can say…….., black, white or coloured, Woolworths trains their staff fucking well, and in my mind that is truly ’empowering people’………so if it is so easy, I would simply go into competition with them.

Just remember little things like Pasta price rule the world…..not this drivel…

ove and kisses


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