Ebola for criminals

My blogging mojo went walkabouts for a while. Simply disappeared. Surprisingly enough it was not just taken, like everything else in South Africa where what’s yours is everybody else’s for the taking…. Because the concept of working for what you want is totally sci-fi fantasy around here. From thieving corrupt politicians right down to the scumsucking garbage that trolls the streets looking for the next target to break / steal / vandalise / destroy, the rest of the populace is forced to live in self-imposed prisons, with high walls and electric fences.

I think in most countries across the world, the citizens generally wish to work hard to obtain a higher and better living standard for everyone, the goal is to ELEVATE an entire country’s population to live better, have more, to aim higher. In South Africa I feel like the goal is to drag the entire population DOWN to the same level. It’s too much like hard work to move forward and achieve more and the mentality is that “We must all have equality – DOWN here at the lower-than-sharkshit level”.

Here we strike for better wages for months on end, but the goal is not just to get a higher wage, it is also to tear down, destroy, vandalise, intimidate and generally behave like brainless dimwits born to destroy. I do not understand this seeming inherent will to destroy and tear down everything that hints at possible progress or upliftment. What is it with South Africans that love burning down things? Schools, libraries?? When they ‘protest’ they throw rocks at passing motorists and burn tyres to block roads……. To what end? To look like the dumb fucking braindead scum you are? Why demand electricity, water, higher wages, or even honest Government employees when your behaviour indicates that you are not ready for any of it and sure as hell deserve nothing better than hardship and starvation.

For uttering such thoughts I will be labelled a racist. Fine. It took the new South Africa to turn me into one. If believing that destroying infrastructure and the economy is the behaviour of scumsucking shit makes me a racist then call me what you wish, millions of people cannot and will not condone such despicable behaviour.

Apartheid was vile. It was inexcusable and I have a lower than sharkshit opinion of the potbellied arseholes who enforced it, the same backward blinkered morons who decided who could go where, what the population could watch or buy, they were no better than the criminal garbage trolling our streets today. I believe that most white South Africans feel the same way, after all, the overwhelming majority voted to end Apartheid!

BUT………I need to ask a question…… And the knee-jerk response from most will be that I’m just a fucking racist at heart, instead of actually explaining what I wish I could understand – The Indian population in South Africa suffered under Apartheid too – they were treated as badly as the blacks were, banished to their own ‘areas’ with the same lack of infrastructure and support, prevented from getting ahead in the tightly controlled corporate SA of the day….. and yet, they thrived. DESPITE the racist Government of the day, they educated themselves, they elevated themselves, they created their own infrastructure, started and ran successful businesses – they gave the wankers in Government the big finger by MAKING IT, by achieving and getting ahead DESPITE the obstacles. They got on with it. They didn’t destroy and burn down their schools or infrastructure, they used it against the racist pigs to prove that they were BETTER!

We were talking to Italian visitors about the horror of Apartheid, about the oppression and treatment of people, of fellow citizens, and the lack of education opportunities……. And one gent’s question was simply……. “But what did they do to educate THEMSELVES?”

And that was the question that suddenly shut us all up. Because we couldn’t answer it.

We have been so indoctrinated by the “New South Africa” to believe that all whites are responsible for the desperate poverty and suffering around us, for the crime that is so rife, rape and murder seems gratuitous……. that we don’t lay one tenth of the responsibility or blame at the door of the very people who CHOSE destruction over any other options. When you compare blacks and Indians in SA who were subjected to the same disgusting laws, you have to ask why they are so very different?

I’m also sick of hearing that violent crime is a result of poverty!! Spare us the bullshit. The violent criminals in SA are not stealing for food, or raping for school fees, or murdering for a hot meal, they’re doing it because they enjoy it, it’s like a national sport. They’re doing it because it is so fucking easy to get away with it! Chances of them being caught are slim and news stories all seem to end with the same mantra – no suspects have been arrested, police are investigating. And as for all the bleeding hearts calling for a return of the death penalty – SA has a conviction rate BELOW 10% for murder – so what’s the point?

We spend more on security than we do on retirement funding! Madness! What is Government doing to curb crime? Well……… in MY humble opinion, what would Gov do without the taxes raked in from all the security companies, the fuel they buy for their patrol vehicles, the VAT on insurance premiums and the VAT collected when households have to replace what was violently taken from them……… And then you have to wonder who’s spending the taxes you paid last month, and the month before that…….. you and the miniscule percentage of the population that actually do pay taxes. How disheartening to read almost weekly that yet another politician has somehow helped themselves to a few rands from the tax coffers for their own benefit………..

And then you have opposition parties waving their fingers and shouting at the ‘bad bad politicians’ for being naughty, instead of making simple information available to the sheeple. They don’t care that another politician stole money, most of the population think that only whites pay taxes so it’s okay if it gets stolen. Rather inform the sheeple how many houses the stolen money could have built. How many kilometres of water pipes could have been laid. How many computers schools could have bought with it. Don’t stand there waving that patronising finger – shove it up your arse if you don’t have anything worthwhile to counter dishonest behaviour with other than “oooooooooooh you’ve been a naughty boy!”.

Why am I so angry today? It’s not just today. I am gatvol. Violent strikes, dishonest corrupt politicians, politicians behaving like disorderly pigs in Parliament (WTF?!!!!!!!), toddlers being murdered by fucking criminal cowards, policemen participating in armed robberies, lawlessness on our roads, aggressive little spoilt brats with fast cars, company bosses who spend recklessly (probably the ones who buy their arrogant offspring the shiny fast cars) and then leave a trail of destruction in their wake with suppliers unable to collect payment while the reckless bosses toast their balls in the tropical sun somewhere pretty, mediocrity being the new level of ‘excellence’, reward for incompetence and stupidity, Councils where staff arrive for work and then settle in to have naps all day – I wish I was kidding – staff actually sleep at their desks and we wonder why nothing functions!………. Fuck I could go on and on!!

Over the past two weeks, there have been a few incidents less than 500m from our own home – first, on a Thursday morning, a housekeeper was followed onto the property where she works, by criminal trash and she was raped and stabbed to death before they casually packed up whatever they wanted to take from the house. It doesn’t even make headlines anymore. Sir wrote to one of the popular news radio stations and asked why this lady, who was someone’s mother, sister, daughter, friend mattered so little that she did not even get mentioned, but everyday we are nauseated by blow-by-blow reporting on the Oscar Pistorius trial. Then again, news reports will probably be shockingly long if every one of the estimated 50 murders committed everyday had to be reported on.

Two days later we drove up the same road, which was blocked with police cars, security vehicles and people milling about. Upon enquiry we were informed that criminals had lifted a motorised gate off its rail and gained access to the house they robbed and that it was the 8th incident so far this month in just that one road!! What kind of society are we living in?

Yesterday we had a waffle day at home, 17 people eating, chatting, laughing, socialising…….. while our nextdoor neighbours were held up and terrorised in a home invasion robbery.

Today we are meeting with our security provider to see how much more money we can spend on security because criminal fucking rubbish roams free in this Country…… Decisions decisions…….. keep a panic button handy and risk being shot out of pure spite for even having the cheek to consider it…….. and accept that you are most vulnerable when leaving your driveway or returning home, because when there’s a gun to your head, you do as you’re told. We know. We’ve been there.

I’m gatvol. There are beggars at every intersection WANTING…….. there are criminals who will smash your car windows to grab valuables and run, so you drive with your bag locked in the boot of the car, the beggars get more and more pushy and aggressive….. well guess what guys, I’m done paying. If you want money go and beg at the entrance to fucking Nkandla, line up for a free meal at Tuynhuis. The millions stolen from the tax coffers every year could run soup kitchens and house thousands of homeless people – if you can find someone honest enough to run and manage it…….. why the fuck should I give even more for nothing?!

Car guards expect to be paid for watching your car in a parking lot. What is this? Insurance top-up? Or Pre-Insurance Insurance?

If it’s not beggars accosting you at every turn, it’s criminals! The thought of criminals dropping dead from Ebola makes me feel excited! Imagining them having to watch their own families be subjected to torture feels right. This is what SA has done to my mindset.

Enough already!

I am done feeling sorry for people. 20 years of democracy and SA has become the anal sphincter of the planet and still blames everything on racism, it’s the go-to excuse for everything. Alas, you get what you vote for…..


Glad I could get that off my chest. It’s left me with no appetite. And therefore no recipe.

21 thoughts on “Ebola for criminals

  1. Reblogged this on Basharr's Outpost and commented:
    What a moving read, in some ways I can match your words to what goes on in some of the crap-hole cities here in America. Detroit comes to mind among others. Thank you for a glimpse of what goes on elsewhere. Often I think people here forget how much worse it could get. Peace.

    • Hi Basharr and thanks for the reblog! I read quite a bit about Ferguson and Utah yesterday, and one thought that came to mind was…. if humans are still so unevolved that we cannot live together peacefully, then perhaps we really should be segregated? Not in a mean way? If there were an exchange programme to ‘swap’ whites out of the Africa and keep cultures together on their ‘own’ continents – who would we then blame when things go wrong? After all, it is what people do – BLAME.

      So if we were all separated to live with our own races and cultures, who do we blame?

      I’m sick of excuses. Africa is the world’s begging bowl. Always looking for a handout. A continent so agriculturally rich – Africa could easily feed the entire world…. and yet half of Africa is starving! Why?? Because farming is fucking hard work! Anything is harder than standing with your hands outstretched waiting for a handout. Or taking what you want by force with a gun or a knife ready to destroy.

  2. I followed you here from a site you commented on in U.S. today. Not stalkingly of course! Saved your last comment to use myself in considering solutions, i.e. …”Glad I could get that off my chest. It’s left me with no appetite. And therefore no recipe.” Wish I had one, really both. Thank you. Ol’ the unit.

  3. We’re afflicted with the same social ailments here in the US. Recently, a black youth was shot and killed by the police and rioting and looting ensued. Why? It’s black businesses that will be impacted. Don’t mention that, or you’ll be labeled a racist here as well. To 1yummymummy’s comment, keeping the electorate in the dark seems to be be the objective of the politicians these days. Elevating the population illiterate and dependent on the government is what they seem to advocate. Thank you for posting this, it was refreshing to hear the truth – something that the press isn’t likely to do.

    • Nice to see you again! I’ve been reading about the shootings in Ferguson and also in Utah. It is clear that race remains a huge issue, not just in South Africa. It takes focus off the fact that at the end of the day, 2 kids lost their lives…. simple as that.

      • It really is as simple as that. There seems to be a contingent of politicians that need racism to exist so that they, too, can exist.

  4. Spot on!!!! Sad, sad, sad but true…..the unfortunate reality is that for as long as the majority of the country remain illiterate and uneducated there will be no change. The corrupt benefit the most by keeping people uninformed…..this country is living out George Orwell’s Animal Farm….The “pigs” have risen to power….and now some animals are “more equal than others”….

    • Mummy it’s been ages! You are so right, and it’s so disheartening.

      Oh and the cops informed the neighbours that we were in fact the intended target of the home invasion, but when the scum saw our blue alarm light on, they jumped over the wall from our property, and hit the neighbours instead.

      So a few thousand rands more to be spent on more security and higher walls, and if one beggar or car guard wants a dime from me, I am going to hiss and spit some serious venom. Go and get it from fucking Zuma or Lootfreely House.

      • You have inspired my post for today :). I have also been so bad in blogging….

        The mindset needs to be changed – everyone feels entitled, not feels compelled to earn anything any more, that is the sad reality. For as long as we have people like Malema who encourage this mentality of TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, the youth are going to think that it is ok…..oh Mandela must be turning in his grave….this is not the democracy that was so hard for…..

  5. As an Australian with a South African husband I can tell you that more people in other places in the world need to read more posts like this, they need to see South Africa without the ‘racist ramblings’ blinkers that they wear. They need to see honest to God news reporting not the one sided racist ‘blacks being oppressed’ news reporting we do hear, if we hear anything at all. I have been there, I have seen this, I am appalled at what your citizens have to live like to feel even a little safe and secure. Although I can sympathise, I cannot imagine what it is to live like this constantly on an everyday basis. South Africa is a war zone that no-one talks about. The first word on everyone’s lips is apartheid, but show me how South Africa is better for the common man, black or white, today? It is widely agreed that apartheid needed to be abolished but surely the idea was to replace it with something to benefit all people not to drag an entire country and all its populace down into a mucky lawless hell?
    I thank my lucky stars each day that I am fortunate enough to live in a country like Australia but every day my thoughts are with the people who are not so lucky. There is so little we can do but keep trying to educate people and keep you in our prayers.

    • Thanks! My best friend’s brother has been living in Canberra for almost 20 years, and a dear friend of mine moved to Perth at the beginning of this year. Then we have friends and family in New York, Mauritius, London and Canada…… the consensus is that you only realise how tense and afraid you are living in SA when you move elsewhere and suddenly feel SAFE.

      • Funny/sad you should say that. We have family there who say things like ‘its not so bad’ and we are incredulous, we are like ‘yes! yes! it is that bad, you just don’t realise it because you don’t know anything else’. We have friends who emigrated here about 3 years ago and they tell of similar experiences with their family and their realization of how bad it was when they went back to visit. It is a terribly sad thing, South Africa is such a beautiful country, it could be so much more, but then again Baghdad was beautiful once too…

  6. Spot on. The glorious New South Africa has made the entire population more racist than ever. Blacks have, by and large, denied their own people the chance to progress towards excellence by propagating the view that all ills are the Legacy of Apartheid as well as the culture of entitlement without effort, at the same time as preventing true progress by implementing BEE in all the wrong ways.

    • Exactly Col! The entitlement without effort – you hit the nail on the head. In SA you need not make one ounce of effort – it must be given, provided and done for you. 30% is regarded as a pass – WTF?!
      And then you see the effect of this with medical students going on a rampage, torching things and holding lecturers hostage!!!! Hell I sincerely hope these 30% pass rate doctors will be reserved exclusively to treat criminals? I’d rather try home remedies than go near any doctor who qualified at MEDUNSA thank you!!

  7. Absolutely excellent! Your blog today should be published on the front page of every newspaper in this country. You have told it exactly like it is and I am sure there are millions who would agree with you.

    • Thanks Gail, I’m fedup and it’s made me uber grumpy today. I should have mentioned one more thing SA could try – throwing rubbish in the dustbin less than 2m away from where you were scoffing lunch on the pavement in the sun, instead of just dumping it right there.

      Anyway, enough grumbles. How was that earth tremor for you? It made me fit for a day.. I ran through the house feeling nervous and giggly, and wondering whether I should trust our SA builders or rather run into the garden….

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